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Hier eine detaillierte Beschreibung meines Equipments, ausnahmsweise in Englisch.
(a detailed description of my setup, tools etc.)


  • For the double basses for a long time I used the Wilson Pickup system which I think is pretty good, but piezo with all pros and cons. Since 98' I use pickups by the finnisch company  B-Band. This system is more like condensor-mikes and it brings out much more the real sound of the instrument. The actual modell is the D1. I still use the old version of it with the new pickups.

Amplification and sound-projection

Amps, Combo's and Cabinetts:

  • AER Basscube 2 & AER AS360: For the double-Bass I use exclusively the "Bass-Cube II" of the german brand AER. This is a Combo-amp with all studio-features and a 360 watt power-amp bulid in. To push the volume and the sound-density I use most of the time a AS 360 (aktive subwoofer) which has  the same speaker as the basscube, but no horn. This is my standard-setup for all jazz, world and double-bass & electric gigs.

  • AER Amp One: One of the finest and most powerful small bassamps I know. With just one 10' and no horn, this is good for a nice, vintage-oriented electric-bass sound. With a AER AG8 or a AER CX8 it can be completed to a small fullrange-system for electric or double-bass 

  • AER Amp Three: Got this one in 2014 for testing and fell in love with it as a small prowerful fullrange combo for electric and upright as well. With a AER AG8 or a AER CX8 it can be completed to a real fullrange-system for electric or double-bass

  • Ampeg SVT IIP: Preamp for good old electric-bass sound in studio

  • AMPEG SVT 4-Pro: Powerful hybrid amp for Electricbass

  • AMPEG SVT 2 (non PRO!) all tube amp for ElectricBass

  • Ashdown EVO 300 (Bass Magnifier) hybrid amp

  • Trace Eliot Elf ... the smallest bass amp ever

  • Ampeg Classic 210: Carriable cabinet for electric-bass with the SVT 4-Pro. Alo good for using it with the Galien-Krueger as a external speaker. 

  • Ampeg Classic 410 HLF: The bigger and more powerful Electric-bass cabinet. Lots of lows, lots of mids, clear highs... "do not frear the drums and the guitar-amps anymore"

  • Ampeg Classiv SVT 810: no comment

  • EBS Session 60: nice, little, light, good sounding, not too many buttons.... a good amp for teaching, practicing and small session. And: Not expensive at all. 


  • Monster Cabels (Bass) as much as possible and some Sommer-Kabel

  • Manfred Reckmeyer- Cables. Handsolders in the right length...


  • I really like and mainly use Reunion Blues gig-bags


  • For Double Bass: Pirastro Obligato on my 1st bass. On my 2nd bass I have D'adario Helicores
  • For the Electric Basses see page basses...
  • For the acoustic bass guitar: Pyramid Strings, my custom set


Little Helpers:

  • Boss VF-500-H (Voulme Pedal)

  • Boss OC II

  • Boss OC III (not soo often)

  • Digitec Synth-Wah 

  • EBS MicroBass II

  • EBS Octaver 

  • EBS Dynaverb 

  • EBS Bass IQ

  • EBS Tremolo

  • EBS Unichorus

  • EBS MultiComp 

  • EBS Bass-Wah 1

  • Elektro Harmonix Pog Nano

  • Elektro Harmonix Ravi Sitar
  • Radial Tonebone Bigshot ABY/Y V2 (not in use any more)

  • Lehle "Little Lehle"

  • Lehle Volume(mono)

  • Lehle Julian

    RMI (Lehle) Acouswitch Junior
  • MXR M81 Basspreamp

  • Pedal-Train Pedal Board(s) 

  • Pedal-Power by Vodoo Lab

  • Peterson Strobo-Flip tuner (at hand)

  • Peterson Stomp Classic (on Pedal Board)

  • Peterson StroboStomp HD (on Pedal Board)
  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior

  • Tech 21 QStrip

  • Zoom H2n for aftergig-reality-control


  • Rode NT1
  • Neumann KM184

  • AKG C 3000

  • Golden Age Project Premier PRE-73

  • Avalon U5

  • Motu Unltralight (2006)


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